Writing a Personal Prayer

Posted by Sheila Viesca
December 23, 2013
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Thank You, God, my Creator

Thank You for Your kingdom that dwells in my heart

Thank You for Your wisdom that is resounded by my voice

Thank You for the power of expression and creativity

Thank You for the gifts of nature and divine inspiration

Thank You for the rule of order

and the law of appropriation

Thank You for the holy endeavors of learning,

for the wholeness of life

Thank You for the peace and love in my home

Thank You for the chances

to forgive myself and those who have wronged me

Thank You for the opportunities to touch lives

Thank You for being the Light of my path,

my Protector at all times

Thank You for these truths, O Lord

Bless my intentions, actions, and activities

May I do more good in Your name,

for Your Glory

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