Trusting Love

Posted by Sheila Viesca
December 23, 2013
Etsy Irene Suchocki Butterfly Garden

When you love, love wholly. That way, when you get hurt, you grow fully. It takes much openness to come to terms with this reality. But once you do, you will benefit greatly.



Many who get hurt in the process of loving and trusting naturally fold in and stop blooming for a moment. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you remain true to yourself. To many, that healing moment is necessary for rest and reflection. Let no one dictate to you how long it should take to finally absorb and put to use whatever you learn from a heartbreak or loss.



But at the same time, redeem yourself. Consciously get back on track. Make it a daily exercise to convince yourself that you deserve more than the feeling of remorse and loneliness to greet your morning.



It definitely takes much effort to get out of that desolate enclosure we call depression. Baby steps help a lot. Though unlike babies, no amount of outside help can truly push you past the pain. It is your call to take action for your life – when the time is right.



Make use of significant reflections your incubation period will reveal. Organize your notes as you rise from this fall. Hopefully, the next time you become fortunate enough to love and trust again, you will give the same amount of energy that you have always given. Always, your life lesson teaches you to listen to your heart and let its wisdom guide you.

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