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Posted by Sheila Viesca
July 20, 2015

Are you thinking about starting your own blog?

Whether you want to do it for business or for personal reasons, blogging is an effective and low-cost way to share your stories, pictures, or portfolio with others. It is also fairly easy to set up, and hosting sites no longer require you to be HTML-savvy in order to write a blogpost, which makes the craft inviting, even for those who are intimidated by technology.

The skill you should equip yourself with before getting started is this: the ability to write. There are many bloggers out there who love to write, but their credibility is sometimes put into question because of their inability to write well.

If you are writing a blog in English, please do make sure your writing is grammatically correct. This is especially important if the purpose of your blog is to share your portfolio for potential clients or employers to see. Remember, you are trying to establish your professionalism and credibility here. Even if you are confident about your English writing skills, it pays to proofread as you may end up with some grammatical inconsistencies as a result of editing. You could have another person read your work to check for any mistakes.


When it comes to vocabulary, try to keep it simple. I come across blogs where the writers insist on using complex words and phrases for the sake of sounding profound—similar to the way an art critic writes his interpretations of an artist’s paintings. If you are writing about your most recent trip abroad, reviewing what you ate for dinner, or sharing a parenting hack, why complicate things? You need not use big words to sound smart or superior. You need to use words that your readers can easily understand.

Style is another factor to consider when writing a blog. Suit your style to your theme and your audience. Are you writing a gadget review for a serious bunch of tech experts? Are you writing to fellow moms who need advice on how to give vitamins to their tantrum-throwing toddlers? You can experiment with different styles that you think might attract an audience, and adjust your future posts according to the stories that prove to be more engaging than the others. Ask yourself: what reaction am I hoping to draw out from my readers?

Apart from writing well, it is also good to understand ways of promoting your blog. How can you drive people to your site? How can you make your blog more searchable? Which social media accounts should you use to help share your latest posts? How can you interpret your analytics to see which posts performed better than the others?

You may also want to go the opposite route and learn how to make your blog private so that only you and people you invite can access your posts.

Many people have managed to turn blogging into a full-time profession and are largely supported by advertisers and endorsements. Fashion blogger Nicole Warne of travels around the world to cover the shows of the biggest designers. With 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Nicole is famous for her personal style and glamorous lifestyle. She recently appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine—a blogger first. Not a bad turnout for a girl who got her start by selling vintage pieces on her blog.

What dreams or aspirations do you have for your own blog? Would you like to take a crash course in blog writing to help get you started? TalkShop offers a course called How to Write a Blog to equip you with the fundamentals, and help you explore and improve on various writing techniques. Give us a call at +63 2 894 5588 or email us at for details.

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