Living the Meaning

Posted by Sheila Viesca
December 23, 2013
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I think that life presents us with many creative circumstances so that we may learn to cherish our unique situations and individuality, that we may contemplate on our worth, that we may acknowledge that even the most trivial turns have been well planned and intentionally crafted into our situations. These realities are not so clear in the beginning, but once we learn to live with them and accept God’s hand in all situations, we can breeze through life more smoothly. No, this acceptance does not necessarily lead to things getting easier. The guarantee is that every action that we take becomes an accomplishment. And every accomplishment begins to make sense.



Many of life’s trying circumstances are meant to unleash your creativity. The saddest point is when you give up on a task or person without considering how much more you can stretch in character and potential.  Whenever you make the decision to do something, give it your best effort.


It is not necessary to ponder endlessly on the why and why-me questions. Just accept that you have been blessed enough to be in the middle of relevant experiences that were designed primarily to enrich your psyche and add meaning your existence.



The moment you give yourself enough push to write down what your life has been all about, you will smile more regularly as you ponder on the recurring cliché that everything does happen for a reason. God works in mysterious ways just so we could learn to laugh at most things we normally take too seriously.



Funny how He would let you learn by going on a search for the meaning of a life that you are already living.

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