Evaluating Trivia

Posted by Sheila Viesca
December 23, 2013


It is, of course, bothersome to have to deal with hurdles that seem to block you from accomplishing anything.  It is easy to blame most delays on these hassles. It is easy to be agitated by things that you might find unnecessary.



While we do not need to glamorize further how we learn the biggest lessons from the almost-irrelevant I-wish-it-happened-differently situations, still we must accept that many big accomplishments are borne of the least expected turns we were forced to make.



The kind of person you now are can be primarily attributed to those unplanned days and circumstances that are almost forgettable. This should be enough reason for you to smile when something seems off in your day. You gradually learn that God’s wisdom and creativity is present in many life events. Do not undermine the playfulness and magnanimity of God in seemingly questionable life events. Never take for granted your inherent gift to sense the miracles in all your moments.



You can draw great strength from those parts of your journey that are somehow superfluous. You can still call them trivial for that is how you have branded them through the years. Just always recognize that in trivialities, you discover yourself. Eventually, because of them, you learn to appreciate the more profound points and definitions in life.


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