Contemplating Surrender

Posted by Sheila Viesca
December 23, 2013

Times when you are questioned for being too stubborn to give in or going too far just to prove you are right, it is okay to take a look at your stand. You do not need to realign it if you know in your heart that you are on the right track. You do not even need to reevaluate anything if you have always known to listen to your heart.



At the same time, take this occasion as another reason to give thanks to God for working wonders in your life. If you can learn to write down your hits and misses opposite each other, you will start believing that man’s idea of beautiful and essential is not even close to how God designs those matters for you.



Take heart if there are days when trials cloud your mind and ability to sing Him praises. Just always believe in your heart that He who made all great things possible is indeed wonderful. This life is meaningful. You will always be looked after by the most loving, eternally-giving, ever-knowing Father. Surrender to this truth.



Do not get affected by the evil forces that threaten to strip you naked by ill intentions and sheer rumor. Let them be. There simply are personalities who find consolation in doing that. There are also those who feel that their miseries are alleviated when they malign others. And there are those who seem to have made it their calling to inflict chaos. Again, let them be. If they have no concept of much better things to do, you do.


At this point when you know better, live better. Surrender to dignified nonreaction whenever you can. One reality is that there are things that just are. No amount of special training or cross-breeding can make a cow produce milk that tastes anything other than cow’s milk. Be the person who understands this. Surrender to this inherent greatness and mystery of the universe: While you continue learning and evolving, there are beings in creation that choose to remain painfully unchanged. Thus, waiting for them to grow with you or be enlightened by your sacrifices  is senseless.



Surrender to the Divine Wisdom of your Father. Surrender every hurt that you feel to the loving understanding and protection of your Creator. This conscious action is necessary for you to continue living in His grace and wisdom. If things are not going your way, keep on the right path. God will not let you down.


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